Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church   †   Archdiocese of New York

Divine Mercy Home Visitation

In keeping with our beloved Holy Father, Pope Francis’, declaration: 2016 “The Year of Mercy,” it is most appropriate that at this particular time, Lent and Easter – when we just affirmed Christ’s great love and mercy for us brought forth through His Passion, agonizing Crucifixion and Death on the Cross; which He selflessly suffered for our sins, which freed us from eternal death and redeemed eternal life for us in Heaven.

It is also most fitting at this time, having just pledged our abiding loved to Christ by invoking the nine day Novena to Our Savior’s Divine Mercy prior to Divine Mercy Sunday, that we will commence in our Parish, a special yearlong observance of Home Visitation with Our Savior’s Divine Mercy permitting an invaluable opportunity for personal prayer and meditation in our own homes; similar to that which we had previously celebrated with the Home Visitation of the portrait of Our Lady of Częstochowa.

We have, therefore, prepared for our faithful two small tote bags (one tote with English material and one with Polish material) containing a compilation of daily deeply inspirational, devotional prayers and readings to ponder for meditation and a beautifully depicted portrait of Our Savior’s Divine Mercy.

Our faithful may pick-up a Divine Mercy Home Visitation tote (during a weekend Mass of your choice) to be taken home on an assigned weekly basis; with the tote bag then being returned at Mass the following weekend for the next Home Visitation. We will commence this observance Home Visitation of Our Savior’s Divine Mercy on Sunday, April 10th.

We are asking that our faithful please contact our Rectory (914 963-1254) to let us know your choice of week and Mass time you would like to take home Our Savior’s Divine Mercy Home Visitation tote; enabling Our Savior to reside, inspire and be lovingly adored in your home.

It is our utmost hope, that in initiating this Divine Mercy Home Visitation we can instill in each and every member of our Parish a deep closeness, love and understanding of the infallible truth, unspeakable joy and utmost majesty of Our Savior’s Divine Mercy.

Our Savior’s Divine Mercy is unquestioning and infinite, if we just open our hearts and souls, have Faith, believe and invite Our Savior to enter in.