Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church   †   Archdiocese of New York

Lent 2018 Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church


ASH WEDNESDAY - “Be reconciled and return to the Lord by means of prayer, fasting and deeds of loving service!”

This day marks the commencement of our forty days observance of LENT, the most penitential, sacrificial and sacred season of our Liturgical Calendar.

BLESSED ASHES - will be distributed (ONLY) during all of today’s Masses: 8:00 AM in English; 12 PM in Polish and 7:00 PM in Polish.

During the season of Lent, the Church urges the faithful to reflect a genuine spirit of penance in their daily lives through performing acts of Faith and Abstinence.

OUR LENTEN OBLIGATIONS (which are to be adhered to by ALL CATHOLICS) are: as follows:

FASTING – prescribes that ONLY one full meal a day may be consumed. Two smaller meals may be eaten to maintain strength - but these meals should not equal another full meal. FASTING – obliges from 18 years of age to 59 years of age.

ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT – forbids the eating of meat ALL FRIDAYS during LENT. ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT – obliges from the 14th Birthday through the entire life. There is a serious obligation for ALL Catholics to strictly observe these penitential practices in a substantial way during LENT.

EVERY FRIDAY  - STATIONS OF THE CROSS – During the Season of Lent, the STATIONS OF THE CROSS Services will be offered EVERY Friday (in English at 6:30 PM - except GOOD FRIDAY (3/30) and in Polish at 7:00 PM

Let us try to do our utmost all come together to observe this profoundly poignant commemoration of Our Savior’s sorrow led journey of Good Friday along the path to His Crucifixion; as we meditate most deeply upon the agony and the excruciating suffering He endured for the repentance of OUR sins.