Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church   †   Archdiocese of New York


Dear Parents, 

As you know next Sunday 11-19-2017 at 12 PM is a Holy Mass for CCD children. I hope to see all of you in the church. This month we have two projects:

#1 Meets the Saints . We would like to ask all the children to choose a Saint ( you can use the link below to search for Saints). You can make a costume or bring  something symbolic which will represent your Saint e.g. St. Theresa can bring a rose. Each child should introduce the Saints by saying 2-3 sentences about them. We will practice on Saturday and have the presentation of the Saints during the mass on Sunday.

#2 project is the Blessing Tree. The children are done with this project and they will be hanging their leaves (filled with blessings) on the branches during the mass.