Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church   †   Archdiocese of New York

Religious Education Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church

Religious Education Program 2016-2017 

(First Classes - October 8th, 2016)

Classes are on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on the first floor of the school building.
Tuition : The tuition is $100 for parishioners. A tuition break will be given for big families who wish to enroll three or more students in the program. 
Class Options 
The class options are as follows:   
  • Grade 1-2 - Mrs Elizabeth Dworakowska
  • First Holy Communion preparatory class (Grade 3) - Assistant Pastor
  • Grades 4-5 - Mrs Elizabeth Szumny
  • Confirmation preparatory class (Grades 6 & up) - Br. Gabriel CFR



  • Homework for 10/22/2016

    This month our focus is on Rosary so we ask that children make a rosary out of fruits of the season. This should be not a parents homework but a children activity with the assistance of parents. Some suggestion for using the materials to do this project could be acorns, wild rose fruit, corn, beans or rolled leaves, small pine, or chestnuts,  let your child use their imagination. We are also working or our prayers of Hail Mary and today we concentrated on Our Father, Please let your children do the activity pages that they bring home. The children are asked to say a decade of Rosary if possible daily for this month, make that a family minute and say the decade with your child.

  • Homework 11/04/2016

    November  is a month of reflection as the nature prepares for winter, it is time for us to reflect on and remember, many of our loved-once and think how we live our life and what can we do to improve daily. Just few days ago we celebrated All Saints Day. One of the great gifts of our Catholic tradition is the remembrance of and prayer with the saints. It is important to show saintly people as a models for our children. This week homework is to stop at our church and see what statues of saints we have in our church, let see if we can find them all, once you found them, try to find something about them that impressed you, or a trade that you could follow in your life. Also say a daily prayer for all the souls that need help to get to heaven.

  • Homework for week 11/12/2016

    This week we are working on Beatitudes chapter II in our books. Please do chapter quiz page as a part of your homework, do the work in your notebook, do not write in the books, please.

    Let see if we can live the Beatitudes in our daily life, children have a page that they need to look at every night, reflect on and just check if any of the eight Beatitudes were present in their day. 

    We are still talking about our Saints, if you did not do your research last week on the statues of saints in our church this is your chance, and remember all who died in our daily prayers.

    If you have not hand in your hand made rosary, please do so.

  • Homework for week 11/19/2016 (Grade 3-4)

    We are approaching Thanksgiving so in that spirit let us count our blessings, please have your child write what they are grateful for;  keep a daily log of blessings, or the child may write a list  of what  they  are thankful  for,  it could be anything that they feel appreciative of. The purpose of this is to realize how blessed we are, please help your child to see that in everyday life.  

    This weekend we also attend our monthly Mass, and there will be a special guest and a very special gift waiting for your child, so I hope that we all can meet at the 12 o’clock Mass on Sunday. 

    We are making thank you cards to express our gratitude to the person who sponsored the gift that will be distributed during the Mass on Sunday.

    This week we are also hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in our church, please have your child involved in this event. 

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • Homework 12/03/2016 for all grades

    The preparations for Christmas have started, but let’s not lose focus of what Christmas  is about,  we would like to prepare ourselves to welcome Jesus into our hearts. When a child is born we bring gifts to welcome the baby, as we wait for Jesus to be born, we would like to prepare gifts for him, let us do good deeds often and daily. They can be simple acts of kindness that we show to others, maybe cleaning up after dinner, or helping  a sibling with homework, sharing a cookie with someone who needed a smile and a friend. We will write our good deeds on strips of colorful paper making a chain. The chains will be collected and they will become a part of our church decorations for Christmas. This is something that will be done for the next four weeks, let’s put some effort into this and show everyone that we are disciples of God.

  • Homework class 3-5 for week 12/10/2016

    We continue to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus, we will welcome him with our gift - chain of good deeds that we continue to make this week. In class we are examining our conscience, please have the children review each night how was their day and if they made good or bad choices. This also should help them recognize the good they did for the day and the Christmas chain of good deeds will grow even more. They should work on memorizing the Act of Contrition.