Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church   †   Archdiocese of New York

Cardinal's Appeal Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church

Because of your support of the Cardinal's Appeal we are in a position to do immense good in many areas of concern. We are able to sustain numerous charitable offices, agencies, and programs to provide compassionate and effective assistance to those most in need. We are able to offer financial support to our parishes and schools that are struggling to serve people of all backgrounds in distressed communities. We are able to ensure excellent academic and spiritual formation in our schools, and the best of catechetical training in our parishes. And finally, we are able to care for our retired clergy and religious who have given their lives in service of the Church and to prepare our future clergy who will give theirs in the years to come.

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Cardinal's Appeal
1011 First Avenue 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212.371.1000